• Seven fully-equipped general operating theatres for high-complexity procedures

    The surgical area is completely equipped to carry out any type of surgery, including specialized theatres for laparoscopic surgery; cardiovascular surgery with extracorporeal circulation; neurosurgery; etc.

  • Two Obstetric Theatres and one exclusive Theatre for C-Sections

    The Hospital fosters natural deliveries as much as possible. This principle of care is reflected in the hospital's infrastructure in the Maternity Ward, located on the 5th floor. Cesarean Sections are carried out in an exclusive surgical theatre, completely independent of the general surgical area.

  • One room for Cardiac Invasive procedures (Hemodynamics).

    It is located within a surgical sector of maximum complexity, next to the Intensive Care Unit, the Cardiac Care Unit and the Cardiovascular Recovery Unit, which allows a rapid transfer of critical patients to the different areas when necessary, decreasing the transfer risks.
    It has a modern digital Philips Integris 5000 C cineangiography system, which allows any type of procedure required by the specialty, benefiting patients with higher safety and lower radiation doses. These procedures, recorded under the international DICOM 3 rule, are stored in a CD for their subsequent visualization in any PC. This equipment is complemented by several systems, including recording and hemodynamic monitoring of invasive pressures, intravascular ultrasound, intracavity electrocardiography and radiofrequency ablations.

  • One operating theatre with laminar air flow

    This operating theatre is equipped with HEPA-filtered air current system, which moves vertically over the operating field at a rate of 27 meters per minute, extracting particles out of the area and ensuring aseptic levels compatible with the highest international standards for all surgical procedures.

    The primary user of this operating theatre is the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Service, which performs high-complexity procedures for the treatment of degenerative and traumatic conditions, particularly Reconstructive Hip and Knee Surgery.

    • One Haemodynamics room
  • Endoscopy Sector.

    The fully equipped endoscopy suite has 2 rooms for procedures (upper and coger gastrointestinal studies) Ander general anestesia, and fiar recovery boxes Ander nursing supervisión

  • Major ambulatory Surgery

    A good number of surgeries are performed on patients in good medical condition, graded as low or moderate risk patients. After a short period for postoperative recovery, they are sent home on the same day. It is used principally by ophthalmic, orthopedic and plastic surgeons, and by general surgeons for some laparoscopic procedures such as hernia repair and gall bladder surgeries. The Hospital also runs a free standing surgical unit in its outpatient facility in Vicente López, for similar cases as just mentioned.

  • Extracorporeal Lithotripsy Room.

    The Urology Service has a highly specialized section for the diagnosis and treatment of renal lithiasis.
    To that end, it is completely equipped, conducting procedures with endoscopic video as well as with the use of a Lithotripter. This non invasive and non bleeding procedure achieves the fragmentation of kidney stones by the application of shock waves, in such a way that they may be naturally eliminated by the patient.

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