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  • 2 Multi-Slice Computed Tomography rooms

    The British Hospital Buenos Aires has acquired a second Philips Brilliance Multi-Slice Tomography Scanner, which may be used for imaging assessments and CT-guided invasive procedures.
    This latest generation technology offers complex 3D reconstruction capabilities.

    Preparing for imaging studies

  • 2 Magnetic Resonance Imaging rooms

    The Hospital has acquired a second MRI scanner, a latest generation 1.5 Tesla Achieva Philips scanner, which has been placed in the new building enlarged area on Caseros Avenue. This new scanner may be used for imaging and it offers complex 3D reconstruction capabilities.

    Preparaciones para estudios

  • 5 Ultrasonography rooms

    A new Philips HD11 Doppler Colour sonography equipment was incorporated, to carry out general and intracavity sonographies, as well as arterial and venous studies.

  • 2 Diagnostic Mammography rooms

    This sector includes new Phillips Diagnostic Screening mammographic equipment, and a new area for mammary sonography, for comprehensive diagnosis in the specialty.

  • 9 Standard and Contrast-Enhanced Radiology rooms

    The care and preservation of the environment are essential principles of the British Hospital’s culture. It has pioneered the substitution of conventional x-rays for digital images, which are distributed online to the different terminals in the Wards. The diminished use of x-ray materials substantially reduces the dependence on highly polluting liquids which the conventional use requires.

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