Nationwide Liaison with Patients (54 - 11) 4309 - 6800

We deem it essential to apply the latest scientific advances that have been validated as medically effective in a humane and ethical environment. Personalized treatment of the patient and his or her family is guaranteed.
You may have freedom in selecting the physician or surgeon of your choice, with no surcharge or differentiated fees, except for those co-payments set forth by your insurance coverage.

Liaison with Patients living in the Provinces:

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am until 8:00pm.
Telephone: (54 - 11) 4309 - 6800

  • Coordinated Appointment Management with specialists and special tests.
  • Counselling on services, areas, medical staff and coverage.
  • Pre-authorization service.
  • Delivery of Results and Reports.

In the event that your insurance coverage does not include the British Hospital’s services, you may consult our Affinity Programme, which offers lower fees than those for private patients.

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