You are about to be admitted for a surgical procedure. In order to make your hospital stay easier, we invite you to read the following recommendations. You may contact the Admission Office (Gestión de Internaciones) for any questions you may have.


    Once your surgeon sets the date of your surgical procedure, he/she will provide you with the Surgical Admission Kit. This kit contains all the information, forms, and other documents for your admission. Then, you will have to go to the Admission Office, where the Management and Nursing Staff will provide counselling regarding your healthcare insurance coverage, make a bed reservation and manage the authorization, and schedule your preoperative tests.
    Lastly, you should visit the Haemotherapy Service, Donors Sector, from 8 am through 12 pm, to ask whether an autotransfusion and/or blood donors will be needed. This should be done at least 10 days before your scheduled procedure.

    IMPORTANT: If you do not make a bed reservation through the Admission Office, do not undergo all preoperative tests or do not provide all required donors, you may not be admitted.
    Rarely, healthcare insurance plans require the patient to request the authorization in person.

    • Bathe with an antiseptic soap (Pervinox, Difexon, or the like) two days before the procedure.
    • Do not take aspirin during the previous week.
    • Do not use nail vanish, fake nails, make-up, perfumes, etc.
    • Tell your surgeon whether you take any medication regularly.
    • Remember to follow indications such as enemas, shaving, etc.
    • Absolute fasting 8 hours before the procedure. You may not take solids or fluids (including water).
    • Tell your family and friends about visiting hours:
      • Central Building: 3:30 pm through 8 pm.
      • Repetto Building: 8:00 am through 8 pm.
      • Maternity: 3:30 pm through 5:30 pm.
      • ICU and CCU: 12:30 pm through 1:30 pm and 7 pm through 8 pm.

    IMPORTANT: One day before your admission for a scheduled surgical procedure, the Pre-Admission Office will contact you to assess your current health status and tell you the time you should be at the Admission sector.

    • You should go to the Scheduled Admission office with:
      • Your identity document.
      • Your healthcare insurance card or plan.
      • All the preoperative test you may have.
      • A bag with personal items for your stay.
      • A deposit for what is not covered by your healthcare plan.
    • You should not bring high-value objects or a large amount of money. The Hospital will provide a wardrobe with a key for your personal use but does not take any responsibility for lost items.
    • You should bring pyjamas or nightdresses, preferably made of cotton and short-sleeved, so as to ease any procedure.
    • Bring toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, cologne, etc.
    • For the day you go home, remember to bring comfortable clothes and shoes.
    • Make the appropriate appointment once your surgeon tells you when your first control should be held.
    • When the medical discharge is indicated, one of your relatives should approach the Admission Office in order to complete your discharge formalities and pay your balance, should that be the case. If you are alone, we will help you through this process. The day of your discharge is free of charge (and covered by your insurance) until 11 am. If you leave later, you must pay for the whole day.

    IMPORTANT: We highly appreciate strict adherence to the scheduled discharge time, since other patients may be waiting to be admitted, just as you did.

    • At the Hospital's ground floor, there is a Christian Chapel; you may also request a crucifix for your stay.
    • For each bed, the Hospital offers individual television sets with air and cable channels and a remote control. Use of these sets is charged on a daily basis.
    • You may buy newspapers and magazines from the newspaper delivery man.
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